our story.


 the genesis, 2018.


A couple of years ago while visiting one of the first zero-waste shops in Texas, I came across a bar of soap and was immediately intrigued by how this product came to be. I scoured the local library for books, ordered the necessary ingredients, followed soap-makers on social media, and delved into the wonderful world of soap-making on YouTube. 


Something had sparked in me.


However, no matter how many videos I watched nothing prepared me for the process. My first soaps weren’t as beautiful as the ones that I had seen, but each batch taught me something new and allowed me to hone in on my craft. There was just something about the process of intentionally formulating, weighting, and crafting a piece of functional art into existence.


I like to say my journey to what is now known as Saint Syvion was birthed out of a need, a need to create, and also a need to develop a product that was intentional in every way: from nutrient-rich ingredients to design.


Precious M.