• Meticulously Crafted Art Laced with Functionality

who are we?

we are a black, woman, & veteran bath & body care company 
that was birthed out of a need to craft a product that was intentional in everyway: from nutrient-rich ingredients to design.

Made in small batches to preserve the quality, our artisan soaps are handmade, hand cut, and hand stamped with the utmost care. 

fresh soap bars.


fresh soap cubes.


freshly cut aloe vera, wild-crafted seamoss, and wild-harvested tussah silk in each bar.

we are quite simply plant-powered. along with the above ingredients, depending on the bar, we add additional superfoods. we source these ingredients from all over the world and utilize the ancient cold-process method to alchemize oils, phytochemicals, and salts to produce glycerin-infused, luxurious, hand-crafted bars of soap.