Why you should choose our soaps?

The saponification process is a beautiful one. During this process oils, lye, and water alchemize to produce what we know as true soap that is rich with natural glycerin and laced with extra skin-loving super-fatted oils. This glycerin works as a humectant and pulls water deeper into the skin, and the oils help to seal in that moisture. What makes our soap different is that we don’t just stop there. We enrich our soaps with aloe vera, wild-crafted sea moss, tussah silk, and superfoods because you deserve luxury.  

Our soaps are economical, biodegradable, safe for the environment, and safe for you. We do not utilize detergents, synthetic preservatives, alcohols, parabens, or silicones. 
Instead, we research, source, and thoughtfully craft each batch, taking into consideration the super-foods and the benefits that they have. Saint Syvion is made with love, and when using our soaps that love will be made evident.

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